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pslib is a C-library to create PostScript files on the fly. It offers many drawing primitives, inclusion of png and eps images and a very sophisticated text rendering including hyphenation, kerning and ligatures. It can read external Type1 fonts and embed them into the output file. It supports pdfmarks which makes it in combination with ghostscript's pdfwriter an alternative for libraries creating PDF.

pslib is licensed under the GPL and LGPL for use in PECL.

Currently there are bindings for PHP, Python, Tcl, Perl, Cobol and Common Lisp. The PHP extension is part of PECL and should be downloaded from there. The Perl extension is still at it is early development stage but usable. The Python module is available in the download section and can be found in the CVS repository of pslib. The Tcl extension has not been published yet. The bindings for Cobol have its own project page at http://pscoblib.sourceforge.net/..

pslib has been started by Vilson Gärtner as an initiative to create a similar library completely written in PHP. This library is still available at CodigoLivre.

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