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Installing pslib

The following installation instructions are targeting towards Linux based systems, though other Unix system should work as well.


Before compiling from source make sure you have checked the pslib download section at sourceforge for binary releases. debian users should take the version available in sarge. If you need a package for woody then just grap the sources and compile it yourself or let me know.


Installing pslib is as easy one would expect from a library using the autotools. In general you are set by running
    make install
Use the configure option --prefix to set the base installation directory. The default is set to /usr/local. pslib depends on libpng and libjpeg for embedding png and jpeg images. configure will look for it by default in /usr and /usr/local. If it is at different location then specify it with --with-png=<DIR> and --with-jpeg=<DIR>. If you do not want png or jpeg support at all, then pass --with-png=no or --with-jpeg=no to configure.

Compiling from source will optionally require docbook-to-man to create the man pages. It is usually available on all Linux distributions.

If you are running an rpm based system I propose to build a binary rpm package instead of installing straight into the system. Either take the source rpm package or the original source tar.gz file (make sure it is named pslib-<version>.tar.gz) and run

    rpm -tb <source.tar.gz>
This will create a runtime (pslib) and a development (pslib-devel) package.


Those remaining brave 'must have the newest version' users of pslib may take the sources straight from the CVS repository.

First login as anonymous

cvs -d ":pserver:anonymous@pslib.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/pslib" login

When asked for a password just hit return.

Next check out pslib with

cvs -d ":pserver:anonymous@pslib.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/pslib" checkout pslib

It will create a directory pslib containing the source code for the library. For the language bindings checkout bindings. Some tests and examples are in tests.

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