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Success stories

Several years of development has made pslib a mature library used by many programmers and designers. This is just a list of the most impressive work done with pslib.


Bröderna Nelsons Frö AB from Sweden has been one of the first professional users of pslib. Here is what Hendrik Johansson says about pslib:

We use pslib with its php bindings in a lot of different applications. Simple things like transport labels with barcodes as well as our most important product, the "Lord Nelson" seedpocket, are created automatically. We managed the production of over 1200 seedpocket documents with translation into three different languages, storing the texts and data in a MySQL database and produced the final documents with a pslib based application written in php. The ps files where converted into pdf files for print with Adobe Acrobat Distiller and emailed directly to the printers in Germany. The "Lord Nelson" seedpocket is the top selling seed-product in scandinavia. With the help of pslib developer Uwe Steinmann we got additional features built in like overprint and spot colors which are very important when creating for print.

The possibilites with this kind of approach as opposed to making software like Quark Xpress perfom these tasks has proven faster and more versatile. Since we can apply logic in a much more efficinent way, we have far more control over the finished product.

Here are some example pdf files:


Aus PC-Market Pty/Ltd

Aus PC-Market Pty/Ltd is an Australian online computer retailer who uses a custom enterprise application to run their entire business. Aus PC's application uses PHP, Apache, Postgres, Mnogosearch, and pslib. pslib is used to produce all invoices and build-slips. Printing is handled via CUPS running over SSL to local printers around their office. PDF's are generated on the fly with ghostscript for customers to download.

Here are some example documents:

Invoice: PDF, PostScript

System Slip: PDF, PostScript

Shopping Cart: PDF, PostScript


Evertz designs and manufactures monitoring and signal conversion equipment to major broadcasters around the world. They sell products in many different configurations, but one high-profile line is our 7700 modular series

The power of a modular system is customisability: Users can select from about 500 discrete modules with widely varying functions and group them in our standard 3RU MULTIFRAME, just like mixing-and-matching components when building a PC.

The Frame Layout tool allows users to dynamically build their frames in the desired configuration and submit them for quotes and/or to request the modules in a certain configuration on delivery. The PSLib extension allows us to offer not just a web graphic of a user's completed frame, but a vector-based EPS graphic and a DXF drawing (via ghostscript + pstoedit). This allows users to import their completed drawings into existing 3D rack layout diagrams of, for instance, a mobile video truck, or a broadcast monitoring centre. System integrators find this very useful for planning cable runs between frames (among other things), because all the connectors are visible.

The Frame Layout tool

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