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Common Lisp Bindings

9 March, 2012

For those programming in Lisp there is a binding available at https://github.com/cage2/cl-pslib.

New version 0.4.5

1 April, 2011

After a long time of silence a new version of pslib is ready for release. This one has support for reusable images which can reduce the overall file size of the postscript document and speed up its processing. Reusable images are turned on by default but can easily be turned off to retain the old image handling. Check the examples page for a demonstration.

Updated installation instructions

13 April, 2008

The instructions for accessing the cvs server were way outdated. They still listed the old server before pslib had moved completely to sourceforge.

Updated examples

12 July, 2007

The list of examples has increased. You can find a new release in the download area. All examples can now be build for win32 using Visual C++ Express.

New Version 0.4.0

12 July, 2007

Another bigger step in the development of pslib. This release adds the possibility to create Typo3 fonts and finally, it can be compiled for Win32 with either MinGW or Microsoft Visual C++!

New Version 0.3.0

25 June, 2007

Another year passed by. This is mostly a bug fix release with some initial work for upcoming features. What needs to be mentioned about this release is support for other input encodings (though only ISO-8859-2 was added so far) and support for color separation.

New Version 0.2.7

6 June, 2006

It took a long time for the next release but finally it is ready. This one has some really nice additional features like support for bmp, gif, and tiff images. The PS_show_boxed() function now accepts a height of 0.0 which will create a box large enough to hold the whole text. The actual size can be requested through the 'boxheight' value. And of course, there has been many bug fixes.

New Version 0.2.6

28 July, 2005

Did you ever suffer from problems with grey scale or cmyk images? This release is likely to fix it. There have been several improvements to load jpeg images and also for the first time the posibility to load eps images from memory. Some small bugs in PS_add_bookmark() and the encoding vector have also been fixed.

Updated example page of the web site

20 June, 2005

Thanks to the great work of Stefan Schröder all examples (and some more) are also available for the python binding. Check the example page for an easy start in using pslib with python.

Added success stories to web site

24 May, 2005

If you have ever asked yourself whether pslib is mature enough to be used professionaly. You can find the answer on the new page with success stories.

Examples 0.0.8

14 January, 2005

Nothing fancy, just a new example image.c and some tiny bug fixes.

New Version 0.2.5

14 January, 2005

The last versions of pslib had several minor issues which showed up when the user Friedemann Kleint compiled it on Solaris. There has also been some work on image handling which isn't finished yet.

Examples 0.0.7

27 July, 2004

For those who didn't realize already. There was a new release of the pslib examples. It includes a new example file demonstrating shading, which was introduced in pslib 0.2.3.

New Version 0.2.4

21 July, 2004

The last version had some minor problems with templates which are fixed in this version. I also fixed another memory leak and did some more error checking when registering resources. Ascii85 encoding should now work on little endian architectures.

New Version 0.2.3

19 July, 2004

This is a bit of an experimental version, because it has many new features. The most striking ones are gradient fills, support for jpeg images, and a more simple way of changing the graphics state. A bug in PS_fill_stroke() was fixed and embedded images take less disk space because of a better encoding. PS_save() now takes over the previous graphic state.

Examples 0.0.6

29 June, 2004

If you like to check out the new features of pslib 0.2.2, than you want to try the new pagehook.c example. There is also an unspectacular memory.c example which demonstrates in memory creation of a document.

New Version 0.2.2

29 June, 2004

Creating documents in memory has been a feature for some time, but it somewhat was a fake. This release has real in memory creation and implements PS_get_buffer() to retrieve the document. There has also been a nasty bug in memory profiling and some memory leaks has been fixed. Files are now being searched not just in the current directory but also in a self defined search path and in <instdir>/share/pslib. This makes font loading more convenient. So called page hooks allow to execute arbitrary PostScript commands at the beginning and end of a page. Very helpful to put a 'Draft' in large letters on each page. There are already three page hooks (grid.ps, exectime.ps, draft.ps) included in this release.

Update of examples

16 June, 2004

The new functions for using spot colors and overprinting has brought two brand new examples and many improvements for the existing ones. There is also a new example on the use of ligatures. The latest version is 0.0.5. It is available as usual in the download section.

Version 0.2.1 is out

16 June, 2004

Working with colors in pslib has been ok so far. Now it is real fun! pslib now supports spot colors and overprinting, thanks to the help of Henrik Johansson who has done a lot of testing and provided the publishing background. This version distinguishes between fill and stroke color and also has gone through a lot of internal changes with improvements in resource management and text output. If you have experienced crashes in text output, then this version might fix it. The documentation has been improvent, especially, the overview manual page pslib(3).

Initial release of python bindings!

8 June, 2004

Thanks to Stefan Schröder who has provided a python module for pslib. It's not containing mappings for the lastest functions, but should be complete enough to get started.

Version 0.2.0 is out!

3 June, 2004

Some nasty little bugs have been fixed since last version but no big changes were made. It also issues more warnings if glyphs are used which are not provided by the font. Everybody having problems with PS_findfont() should try this version.

New version 0.1.15

12 Mai, 2004

A brand new release is bringing templates and patterns. Both are not well tested but should work. Templates are especially good for repeating parts in a document like page headers or a logo. Pattern are used for fancy filling of areas. There has also been a lot of work on fixing memory leaks. This should be reasons enough to check it out right away.

Updated documentation

30 April, 2004

The documentation has been outdated a bit. This is now fixed. Some new functions have been included any many stupid errors have been fixed.

Updated examples 0.0.3

29 April, 2004

The examples have not been updated for some time. Basically because they did not change to much. This release comes with two new examples. One to demonstrate hyphenation and a second one to demonstrate the new PS_symbol_xx() functions.

New version 0.1.14

29 April, 2004

This release is another big step forward towards version 0.2.0. Several new functions and a much better handling of the font encoding have made it into this release.

Updated web pages

23 April, 2004

There is now a section on how to get the CVS version and the C example files has been linked to the currently latest version in CVS. All man pages are now available as html.

New version 0.1.13

22 April, 2004

There is not much new in this release except for a nicer behaviour of PS_hyphenate() and many cleanups of the man pages. Those users of pslib who tried to untar the distribution on a system other than i386 or ppc should have experienced some problems. Those are fixed in this release, too.

New version 0.1.12

19 April, 2004

This release just improves the hyphenation of words. Programs using PS_show_boxed() many times should experience a large speed improvement. Hyphenation of words with capital chars is much better.

Note for Debian-Users: Since pslib is in sid for some versions already, there will be no more files uploaded to sourceforge.

New version 0.1.11

07 April, 2004

Well, did I say 0.1.10 is the most bug free ever? There is this little problem with pslib's header files which suddently showed up in /usr/include. They are now back in /usr/include/libps. And best of all, bookmarks can now be nested. That should be reasons enough to give this another try.

New version 0.1.10

06 April, 2004

If you asked yourself what happened to 0.1.9. Well, its been a complete mess and basically not usable, that's why it was only for a short time available and disappeared without a notice. Just don't mention it. 0.1.10 is probably the most stable version for a long time. Several bugs has been fixed which only caused segm faults on i386 platform but not on my PPC development platform. Anyway, this one should be fairly well tested and also has an updated build process.

New version 0.1.8

31 March, 2004

There aren't many new features in this release but a lot of code cleaning and internal changes to data structures which should speed up things a bit. Text written to the PostScript file is now propperly encoded and each function call will do some scope checking, e.g. calling PS_show() outside a page will generate an error. PS_rect_fill() has been removed, but that was not documented anyhow and consequently rarely used. Path construction is much more straight forward. Calling PS_rect(), PS_arc(), etc. will just extend the path. Check the man pages for more detailed information.

New version 0.1.7

25 March, 2004

This release comes with several improvements for text rendering. Underling is much better and ligatures made of more than two characters a treated propperly. The configure option --with-png finaly works as expected and can be used to turn png support completely off.

Relaunch of web site

23 March, 2004

After lots of development on pslib turning it into a powerful library to create PostScript documents, the web site has finally been overhauled.

New version 0.1.6

16 March, 2004

The release of verion 0.1.6 brought many new features to pslib for boxed text output. Check the einstein example which has been created to test many of the new features.

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