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PS_begin_pattern -- Starts a new pattern


#include <pslib.h>

int PS_begin_pattern(PSDoc *psdoc, float width, float height, float xstep, float ystep, int painttype)


A pattern can be thought of like a color for drawing and filling. Actually, PS_setcolor is used to apply a pattern. The pattern itself has given dimension an a stepping in horizontal and vertical direction. The stepping comes into effect when the area to be fill is larger than the pattern itself. In such a case the pattern will be repeated with a distance of xstep in horizontal and ystep in vertical direction.

Each call of PS_begin_pattern must be accompanied by a call to PS_end_pattern(3).


Returns identifier of the pattern or zero in case of an error. The identifier is a positiv number greater 0.


This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann .

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